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The entire foundation has to be dug up and repoured.

74. EXT. PLASZOW FORCED LABOR SITE - DAY. 74. Outside of town, a previously abandoned limestone quarry lies nestled between two hills. The stone and brick buildings look like they've been here forever; the wooden structures, those that are up, are built of freshly-cut lumber.
There's a great deal of activity. New construction and renovation - foundations being poured, rail tracks being laid, fences and watchtowers going up, heavy segments of huts - wall panels, eaves sections - being dragged uphill by teams of bescarved women like some ancient Egyptian industry.
Goeth surveys the site from a knoll, clearly pleased with it. But then he's distracted by voices - a man's, a woman's - arguing down where some barracks are being erected.
The woman breaks off the dialog with a disgusted wave of her hand and stalks back to a half-finished barracks.
The man, one from the car, Hujar, sees Goeth, Knude and Haase coming down the hill and moves to meet them.
She says the foundation was poured wrong, she's got to take it down. I told her it's a barracks, not a fucking hotel, fucking Jew engineer.
Goeth watches the woman moving around the shell of the building, pointing, directing, telling the workers to take it all down. he goes to take a closer look.
She comes over.
The entire foundation has to be dug up
and repoured. If it isn't, the thing will collapse before it's even completed.
Goeth considers the foundation as if he knew about such things. He nods pensively.
Then turns to Hujar.
GOETH (calmly) Shoot her.
It's hard to tell which is more stunned by the order, the woman or Hujar.
Both stare at Goeth in disbelief.
He gives her the reason along with a shurg -
GOETH You argued with my man.
(to Hujar) Shoot her.
Hujar unholsters his pistol but holds it limply at his side.
The workers become aware of what's happening and still their hammers.
HUJAR Sir...
Goeth groans and takes the gun from him and puts it to the woman's head.
Calmly to her -
I'm sure you're right.
He fires. She crumples to the ground.
He returns the gun to his stunned inferior and, gesturing down at the body, addresses the workers.
GOETH That's somebody who knew what they
were doing. That's somebody I needed.
Take it down, repour it, rebuild it,
like she said.
He turns and walks away.

( Del guión de La Lista de Schindler)

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